Should I use a Law Firm to Recover Debts?

Should I use a law firm to recover debts?

In this article, we’ll touch upon the main reasons to leverage a law firm to recover debts. For further information, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your matter.

Proper accounting for your money

Every law firm in Singapore is subject to oversight by the Law Society of Singapore. This means we are bound by strict rules of professional conduct. Debt collection agencies, on the other hand, are not bound by such strict professional guidelines.

When working with a law firm, you can be assured that there is no issue of a disparity between the amounts paid by a debtor to the law firm and the amount reported to you by the law firm.

Law firms follow the law

Some people choose to leverage debt collection agencies in Singapore, but it’s important to appreciate that these agencies don’t have special powers of investigation or entry.

If you hire a debt collection agency and they threaten or harass a debtor, or as your agent causes damage or break any laws you may be vicariously liable as their employer.

Hiring a law firm will ensure that your debt is collected through proper due process.

Termination is easy

A law firm can never prevent you from terminating their services or charge any cancellation fees. They are subject to oversight by the Law Society of Singapore.

The same may not be said for other organisations offering debt collection services.

Transparency in fees

We provide fixed quotes for any work we undertake, and we seek your approval on these fees before the work commences. There will be no hidden charges and no cancellation fees.

You’ll hear our recommendations and the fees for executing them and can make a final decision on whether you’d like to proceed or not.

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